Refurbished Photocopiers

"Our Service Is The Difference"

Refurbished Printers / Photocopiers

Our range of refurbished photocopiers are used or nearly new devices which have been completely refreshed by our professional service team. Our engineers carry out an extensive service on the photo copy machine , fully refurbishing to the highest standards ensuring that every device that leaves RED Business Machines meets our very high standards.

A  photocopier that has been refurbished is a great option for businesses who are just starting out and are looking for cost effective options or larger companies who are looking for a lower cost device which will still be able to be used as effectively as a brand new one.

RED Business Machines have a strict process of preparing, testing and commissioning a refurbished photocopier as we do with a brand-new one, so our customers can enjoy a device which has been configured and prepared for them specifically for their company. Many refurbished photocopiers are ones that have been with RED Business Machines customers prior to being upgraded by us and so will already have benefited from RED Business Machines professional service and maintenance process.

Take a look at some of our refurbished stock, which are all available for renting or buying.

Benefits Of A Refurbished Photocopier

All of our refurbished photocopiers are professionally restored. Refurbished copiers offer lower prices and are usually available straight away.

Quality Checked – All of the refurbished photocopiers are carefully checked and prepared to the highest standard by an engineer from our service department.

After all, its in both our interests the machines are running fine once installed to eliminate needless callouts and downtime of the machines !!


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