We appreciate you may have some questions about how printer leasing works, how we work at RED Machines, and maybe just about anything else that’s printers and copiers! Below you’ll find a selection of frequently asked questions. We’re always happy to speak with you and advise on the right solutions for your specific circumstances, so do give us a call on 0114 2511 411 or email [email protected] we’d love to hear from you.

Printer leasing is a way to finance your photocopier or multi-function printer over several years (usually a maximum of 5). Leasing a printer is a more affordable alternative to buying one outright. Essentially, leasing your printer allows you to make monthly payments to hire a machine that would otherwise have a significant upfront cost. You will also benefit from servicing for an agreed fixed monthly price.

No, it’s a great way of spreading costs and providing certainty for your business. Our Sharp printer leasing prices start from £5/week.

Printer leasing is over a fixed term at an agreed weekly or monthly price. Printer rental is also fixed at an agreed weekly or monthly price but over a shorter term. That means that printer rental is usually the more expensive option, however, some businesses like to rent photocopiers for the flexibility it gives.

Yes, absolutely, if you’d prefer to purchase your equipment outright that’s OK too. We will even add a service package and consumables (ink) package if you require to provide peace of mind for your printer or photocopier purchase.

Our all inclusive service package the provision of all inks is included. That means when your machine is running low on ink we’ll have new ink automatically dispatched to you (nice, right!). As a Sharp authorised dealer we can secure you better toner prices too!

Printer leasing has a maximum term of 5 years. We’re pleased to say many of our printer leasing clients stay with us for many years, upgrading their photocopier to the new version at the end of the initial lease period.

Great question! The truth is every business is unique, and as such the solution will likely be unique to your business too. The best thing to do is give us a call or send an email and we’ll be happy to offer some advice – there’s no pressure and no obligation from our side, just the right advice for you and your business.

Yes, we do. All our refurbished models are serviced and quality inspected by our service team prior to being released to customers. They’re a great option for those with a lower budget or with no requirements to have all the latest bells and whistles.

Well, we’re so glad you asked. Here at RED we believe the quality of our service is what sets us apart. We have service teams available should you ever need us, and we often arrive to an issue well within our service level agreement – meaning your business can get back to work quicker, should you ever have a problem.

As a Sharp authorised printer and photocopier dealer we have access to the entire Sharp printer and copier range. That means all the latest, greatest and most efficient printer tech is available to us, and to you.

In addition our skilled service team refurbish printers, meaning we have a great range of value for money printers and copiers, ideal for smaller business budgets

Of course we can do that, we’ll be with you every step of the way. From an initial conversation to assess your business or organisations printing requirements to presentation of the right solutions, before installing and setting up on site.

Naturally, if there are any changes to your requirements or if you need a hand with something once the copier is installed we’ll be on hand to advise or send a member of the team down if you need us to.

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